Day 141: reversal

Metro Manila is officially back to lockdown. After two months of living under the new normal, which feels nothing but normal, but at least we were free to go out, all stores were opened, pool functioning, starting from August 4, we are reverting back to lockdown for two weeks. This is expected and welcomed as daily cases have increased from an average of 200 per day during previous lockdown to over 5000 per day.

I know we might feel constraints although we didn’t go out much, but I know we will be fine, and hopefully the government figures out a new effective strategy to have the pandemic under control.

Other than this news, Monday was not too bad. I planned our meals for the first time like forever for the week, and did groceries yesterday with the husband. It was expectedly crowded but we got everything we need. For the next month, I’ll probably revert back to delivery only again.

When is the horizon of this pandemic? It feels more elusive than few months ago, but I know it’s there.

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Gratitude: I am grateful for having the bed made everyday. While it probably takes 15 min or less to make bed and make the room clean and clutter free.,hubby and I rarely do it when we didn’t have helper for 3 months. Now that we do, I love going back to my room when Sarah has cleaned the room. It brings me a smile everyday.

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