Day 142: Sofia’s busy schedule

It was a weird/lazy week day for me but a busy one for Sofia. Sofia started her two weeks’ long online math class that is taught in mandarin (not her native language). I am very impressed as I can only imagine me learning physics in french.

Sofia’s schedule yesterday:

6am-7am: wake up and read in bed

7-8am: breakfast

8-9am: review mandarin lesson and homework

9-9:40am: do 10 pages of 2nd grader workbook

9:40-11:15am: virtual math lesson

11:20-12:20pm: practice piano

12:30-1:15pm: lunch

1:30-3:30pm: read in her room (I accompanied her for 1.5hrs)

3:30-4:30pm: mandarin lesson (virtual)

What a busy day!!!

Mama instead was quite lazy. After my morning run, I had a work call for 1.5 hrs, then the rest of the morning was spent half working side by side with Sofia helping her with the math lesson.

Lunch came quickly as I meal prepped the veggie curry. I didn’t follow the meal plan (as expected) and made girls favorite potato with eggs instead.


I had rice with curry  and some veggies. This was a bomb to my system. My body is not used to have so much complex carbs in one sitting (beans + rice) as I was so full and lethargic the rest of the day, and had to take a nap after lunch. I only felt normal around 6pm.

IMG 6036

Gratitude: I am grateful for the flexibility of working from home. I could take a nap when my body calls for it instead of fighting against it in the office with a strong coffee. Yesterday i took 30 min nap that felt glorious.

Q: Do you meal prep and follow it? 

3 thoughts on “Day 142: Sofia’s busy schedule

  1. Wow that is a busy day! Maybe tomorrow she will have a lighter day to balance it out. 🙂 My kids would probably throw a fit if I made them do “structured” stuff hour after hour all day….but then again, they only have a couple weeks of summer vacation left and are wanting to be outside ALL the time or playing with neighbors. Here in Wisconsin it gets cold by fall so the summertime is very precious to play outside and stuff. They are supposedly going back to in person school in September, so I know soon enough they will be back to super busy again too!


  2. I wouldn’t say I meal prep but I definitely make a meal plan for each day of the week but because I haven’t prepped anything at the beginning of the week and all of my meals are rather simple, as its just me, I kind of pick what I want each night and go from there. I am very interested in this egg and potato dish you make … do you have a tried and true recipe that you refer to?


    1. It’s really simple to make. Bake sliced potatoes with rubbed oil until they are almost done. Make fried eggs. Then mix them together in a pot and add soy sauce and some sugar and water to cover half of the potato and egg, cook for 10 min in medium heat and done.


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