Day 143: new books and a salad

I got my new Shampoo and Conditioner Bars delivered!!! I’ve been wanting to shift to non-plastic for a while for personal care but they are not easy to find in Manila. It’s easy for rich countries/people to criticise others for not being environmentally and health conscious, but these are unrealistic demands for people who doesn’t know for how long they have enough to eat. So, I know it’s my privilege to have the choice to make conscious decisions about what I use and consume for the environment.

I wasn’t sure how i would like them though as many clean/eco products are not as effective. To my surprise, I absolutely love them!!! My hair was left clean and smooth.

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We got new books, best delivery for Sofia


She has formed quite a library during the pandemic

and I got mine too. Super excited to start the Gratitude Diaries!!!


After the carb-load comma lunch the day before, instead of making burrito bowl, I made a nourishing salad

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Nourishing lentil salad


  1. fresh corns
  2. chopped tomato
  3. chopped cucumber
  4. chopped cilantro
  5. cooked lentils (with onion, bay leaves and S+P)
  6. 1 avocado
  7. homemade hummus
  8. wine vinegar
  9. honey/syrup


  1. make the dressing: dilute hummus with vinegar and honey but it forms a dressing consistency
  2. mix the dressing with the chopped veggies
  3. top with chop avocado

Husband went for second plate so I guess it was good. I truly enjoyed it and didn’t feel sluggish afterwards.

Gratitude: Yesterday, after working hours I got an urgent request that I had to deal with. Husband was in the studio watching a movie. As I came to studio, I asked him to turn off the volume as I needed to focus on something. I didn’t say it politely, more like demanding him. He didn’t get mad at me, turned it off and went to the living to continue watching it in ipad. I am grateful that he was understanding and not making it a big fuss about it.

One thought on “Day 143: new books and a salad

  1. Let me know how you like The Gratitude Diaries! That book was what really kicked off my interest in daily gratitude and all of that. It just had so many great examples of how a gratitude mindset is beneficial. Report back! 🙂


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