Day 155: what makes a two-star day

I’ve started a mood tracker since I started the journal. I gave yesterday 2 out of 5, the lowest since I started. Why?

  • it was raining heavily so I didn’t get my morning outdoor time. It wasn’t my running day but I still like to go out for a walk.
  • I rushed having breakfast as my first meeting started at 8am. Therefore, i wasn’t mindful when I ate.
  • I was multi-tasking in the morning and felt distracted the whole time.  When I went out with husband to buy school supplies for the girls, only when I was about to pay I realised I forgot to bring wallet. We had to walk back home to get money as we didn’t even have money to pay parking fee.
  • I didn’t work much the entire day as I wasn’t being productive, but didn’t do anything that made me feel good either, so time wasted.
  • I didn’t read, nor read to the girls, didn’t write down my gratitude journal, instead I wasted too much time in social media.
  • Snacked too much and didn’t eat proper meals.

I’d say it was total failed day for my mindfulness practice. But at least it taught me what elements I need in my day to make it a 4 or 5 star day. 🙂

Gratitude: I am grateful for the great view we have to start the day with, even it’s not sunny, it it still beautiful. I am also grateful for the family to cleaning out the fish tank and getting new fishes to our family.

One thought on “Day 155: what makes a two-star day

  1. Awww sorry you had a crappy day. Those happen, don’t they. I know exactly what you mean- sometimes you KNOW what you’re doing is going to make you feel worse, yet for some reason we do it anyway. I’ve been trying to be more mindful when my days feel “off” to try to shake it up or do something to stop it in its tracks but it doesn’t always work. Or I don’t always realize it in time.

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