Day 154: weekly review & Sunday hours

I had four goals last week.

  • DO NOT CHECK EMAIL BEFORE 8AM: To separate work and life when WFH, I wanted to check out completely from work when it’s no working hours. I am usually good in the evening but in the mornings, if I wake up at 3am, I’d check email which often put clutter to my mind too early. Or I’d check email when I finish my run, again mentally starting to work before actual working hours. So last week, I wanted to NOT do that. Happy to say that I fully accomplished it. I did not checked email until I am showered, ate breakfast and done planning my day with the journal. I might add few work tasks once I open my inbox. It wasn’t easy, many mornings I wanted to check email especially when I was waiting for a response for some urgent task. But I resisted the urge.
  • MEDITATE: I did meditate every day for at least 5 min a day using the Simple Habit. So far so good.
  • BE MINDFUL: continuing with the theme of this month, I continued to practice mindfulness focusing what I do in the moment. Still work in progress.
  • USE PHONE ONLY FOR COMMUNICATION: this means minimise social media, email and safari. I did overall I did well in this front as I am tracking daily usage of FB, INST, safari, youtube, email.

Other things that I did (probably inspired by these):

  • Start working early: I didn’t have a start of the work hour but checked email constantly, so it feels I’m working all the time. Last week, I didn’t take morning baths and started work around 8:30am and no social media when working. I was more focused and tackled hard work more efficiently.
  • Crafting after work: I started doing maybe 15 to 30 min crafting after I am done with work before starting the evening. This separates working hours from life, and let my mind to unwind.
  • Social media & declutter: I did check on social media every evening for less than 20 min, while I go through them, I’d unfollow quite a few to declutter.
  • Weekend routine: bath time and unlimited social media. It feels more indulgent but actually I spend less than 30 min on it anyway.

I tried these and found they are feasible and conducive for being mindful, will continue for the rest of the month.

Sofia’s weekly review:


Now back to our Sunday.

joining our running group virtual Sunday run with 8.88 miles

IMG 6240

Morning workbook + crafting

IMG 6245

Chocolate cookie making


Fullsizeoutput 1302c

Lunch time

Fullsizeoutput 13030

ending with angry bird! 🙂

One thought on “Day 154: weekly review & Sunday hours

  1. Love this post! Such great ideas. I love your journaling attempts too. You’re doing great! I love it when I set intentions for my work days and ACTUALLY stick to them. It feels soooo good. I’m on vacation right now so no work for me, but I’m going to try to get back into some very specific intentions like that when I get home.


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