Day 153: visualise 10 years from now

Yesterday was the last of my 7 day medication starter practice using Simple Habit. The 5 min exercise calls for visualising what where I’d be in 10 years. As I follow the prompt, I visualised myself sitting in a comfortable couch with a book, facing a big window with the view of a lake with mountain on the background. I looked on my left, I see the girls, well teens, reading or crafting. I looked at my right, husband was also reading newspaper. The ambient was cozy and warm. I felt calm, peaceful, and joyful.  That was an interesting exercise that I should do it often. It brings a sense of joy and calmness, and confirms what I already know: i love my life! 🙂

Our day was relax, very weekend like. After an unexpected 9.5 miles run and proper fuel and filled my journal. BTW, I am loving the ritual, more about that soon. I created a page of books read so far in 2020 and corresponding ratings, and wish list of things/trips I want to do.

Fullsizeoutput 1300a

Loving time with Lizzy “alone” while Sofia practice piano on the background. Lizzy was listening music and from time to time, she’d touch me and say mama… 🙂


made a yummy kale salad with roasted veggies. I massaged the kale with salt, apple cider vinegar and avocado. Let it sit for a while before mixing with roasted veggies (cauliflower and eggplants) and fresh chopped cucumber and tomato.

Fullsizeoutput 13011

Girls are loving bowl meals. This one has rice, egg, potato and sautéed sayote with carrot.

Fullsizeoutput 13016

I cut their hairs. At first they complained that I cut it too short, but the more we look at it, the more we like it! 🙂


I spent most of the afternoon and evening reading the Big Summer! OMG, the second half of the book was not what I expected, I have one more chapter to finish! Dinner/evening snack: more oatmeal with PB.


Gratitude: quiet afternoon for reading. Sofia and I read together for an hour, each immersed in our books. I dosed off few minutes too. So relaxing.

One thought on “Day 153: visualise 10 years from now

  1. Why are pictures of kids in headphones always so stinking cute?!?! Your oatmeal looks delicious too. Once fall comes here in Wisconsin I will probably get back into oatmeal more again. I tend to eat it a lot for a while, then I get sick of it and don’t… but eventually I usually always want it again. 🙂


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