Day 152: show care

Yesterday I did something that made me (and someone else) felt good.  I had a colleague with who I have good relationship, not only the person knows what he’s doing, he’s responsive, receptive, collaborative, and fun to talk to. Yesterday I did something that made him mad. Not that I did something wrong from my perspective objectively, but I could understand why he was mad. So I reach out to him through text after I responded the official email, to let him know that I knew he was mad/annoyed and I understand why. I elaborated more on why I made the decision I made, and that I cared about him and our good relationship. We exchanged texts for 30 min, I didn’t change my decision, but we resolved ” the bad feeling” right away because I showed him I cared about his feelings/reactions, and he appreciated. So the business remains business while our work friendship remains strong.

Takeaway: sometimes simple gesture that shows we care goes a long way, especially in personal relationships. I think we don’t do that often enough out of laziness, conflict avoidance, or ego. But if we value relationship in any aspect of our life, we need to amend when bad feelings come up right away. It will make good to the other person, to our selves, and to our relationship.

Sofia finally had her cavity fixed while I was amending with my colleague. No fuss, no cry, such a big girl! And shared her prize with Lizzy

Gratitude: I am grateful for the first breeze of fresh air every morning when I step out of our building. It gives me a boost of excitement for the new day.

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