Day 151: every sunrise is a gift

Are you sunrise or sunset person? I used to prefer sunset but this week I’m appreciating sunset as I practice 5 min medication.

Before I closed my eyes

Five minutes later: isn’t that magical?


I know friends that practice medication 1 or 2 hours a day. I couldn’t understand it and still can’t. 5-10 min works better for me as I prefer running as mental medication. But 5 min is actually good. I probably wander my mind 4 min 30 sec out of 5 min. The interesting part is that I started to noticing my mind wander, and have the thought of: oh there you went away again, that’s so interesting! I feel that this 5 min helps to start my day with mindfulness (theme of August) so I’ll continue, maybe next months I can try 10 min.

Yesterday was another good day: 4/5 in my wellness tracker in my journal. Busy but calm.

Lunch was a chinese taco spread just because it’s more fun this way.

Fullsizeoutput 12fea

Sofia’s taco

Fullsizeoutput 12ff3

My taco using sushi sheet

Fullsizeoutput 12ff0

Gratitude: THIS TIME IS A GIFT. That quote kept coming to my mind these days, and the longer we continue in this pandemic, the more I believe it. This time is a gift for self development, family bounding, realise what’s essential and realising everything we had before was bonus.

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