Day 150: few minutes is enough

I had another busy work day. Although I was deliberately very focused, I still worked 7.5 hrs excluding all the breaks. Yet I didn’t feel overwhelmed or stressed as I tackled all my tasks.

I started the new book but only managed to read one chapter. I already like it, which is rare, usually it takes me 50 pages to get into a novel. This is a good sign. Few minutes of reading helped to unwind my work-mode-mind.


I was “interrupted” because the girls were busy playing around me. I could have “escaped” to another room to continue my novel, but instead I closed the book and just looked at them, be present, be mindful. Even few minutes of looking at them brought me such a joy. They make funny expressions and say unexpected things. Husband also joined us and we both stare at each in those moment in woo…. both thinking what’s happening in their brain, without changing words.

It was just few minutes but more than enough to make my day.

Sometimes I wonder why some people choose to have 3 or more kids? Aren’t they tired of having to take care of so many kids? Aren’t they worried that they can’t give enough attention to individual kids? And then, in those moments of joy I fully get it.  If I can keep kids as kids forever, I should have 10! hahahahaha….

Gratitude: I am grateful for having spare room to sleep. Our master bedroom AC broke and I like to sleep in cool place. So I abandoned husband and slept in the spare room.

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