Day 149: my favorite podcasts

Yesterday was a busy day. I worked 10 hrs (I tracked it) and ended my day at 9:30pm almost falling to sleep on my office chair during a meeting. But it was a good day.

I’d like to share my favorite podcasts during the pandemic. Two groups:

MUST listen: these are the ones that I listen almost every single episode, and aim to work back to their archives.

The New Corner Office: I like that Laura gives daily practical tips to work better and more efficiently in under 5 min.

Before Breakfast: these are also short episodes that give tips to improve quality of life. Many times I smile when i listen to it wondering how can Laura comes up with these every day.

No Stupid Questions: this is a new show hosted by the author of Grits and host of freak economics. Their episodes are 30-45 min long and discuss questions that i’m sure everyone has wondered before.

Best Laid Plans: this is brand new and run by Sarah, one of my favorite blogger and who inspired me to start a flexible journal system. She gives practical tips to use journal to organise our lives. I especially like that she makes it sound simple, not as complex as other bullet journal posts/videos I’ve seen.

Simple Families: I found it recently and I am working my way back to the archive. I enjoyed every single episode so far, experienced based parenting tips to make family life simple but rich.

Gratitude Diaries: I’ve just finished the book and I like the podcast much more as it’s more diverse in topic and ways to apply gratitude in everyday life. I also like it’s very short!

Best of Both Worlds: well, kind of obvious as it’s hosted by Sarah and Laura. I can relay with many of things they discuss as mothers who work full time. It’s like being in a group meeting with like-minded moms.

Slo Mo: this is not a light podcast as he touches upon hard/deep questions that are soul searching, but I love it. It opens my mind for new perspective to many things, happiness in particular.

Choose to listen: these are the one that I’d look at the show notes before deciding to listen it or not as not all topics are of my interest.

Freakeconomics: in case you don’t know, I’m an economist so I like to listen how economics can be used to analyse everything!

The good list: Tsh shares practical tips for a better life.

Herself: discussion among women about life, parenting, friendship, marriage, work, etc. It’s something I’d tune in if I can’t focus and just want to relax.

Ten Percent Happier: the overall topic is how to be happier and features guests that tackle the issue from different angles.

Hidden Brain: similar to freak economics, it’s about apply principles of economics to analyse events/phenomenons/behaviors.

The exam room: for all vegan fanatics of curious to learn science based evidence of benefits of follow a plant based vegan diet.

Ten things to tell you: new to me podcasts that gives practical advise on anything, from how to publish a book, on summer reading lists, to how to endure pandemic.

The Lazy Genius: tips on how to focus on important things that matter to us, and be lazy and let go of things that might be important for others but not us.

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this text made me smile: Be a source of light.

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One thought on “Day 149: my favorite podcasts

  1. Awesome! Thank you for sharing. I really like listening to podcasts too. You have some on your list I haven’t heard before but I think I would really like! I’m definitely going to be checking some of these out! Yay for new podcasts 🙂


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