Day 161: spontaneous connecting with old friends

While my spontaneous connecting with friends last Friday didn’t turn out as I expected, I did not give up. Yesterday morning I texted 4 old friends in China whether they’re up for a zoom girls time. I know them for decades, literally, like over 3 decades!!! Last time I saw them  was over a year ago when we visited shanghai. With one of them we text each other often but the other two, not so much. But when I proposed it, everyone was up for it, so very spontaneously, we set up a 2 hrs zoom time in the afternoon that works for 3 of us (the 4th one was going to Disney Shanghai). We ended up talking for 2.5 hrs!!! OMG! It turned out exactly as I envisioned if not better. Although we live very different lives and their kids are older than mine, we had sooo much to talk and share. As mundane as which crafting project is fun to do, to how to institute reading habit for my friend so she can encourage her son to read more. What makes connection strong is trust, openness, respect, and caring for each other. Honestly, every time I see them, I am amazed by how much connection we feel despite not talking for very long and for carrying different life styles. We are definitely going to do this more often, maybe once a month? We’ll see. What we also like was how relaxed we were, none of us put any effort to look camera -ready, all make-up free in home cloth. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

Our day started with 6 miles run by myself and 3 miles bike/run with Sofia. While hubby took Lizzy for scootering, I took a bath and had my breakfast. Then I read few pages of this cookbook/memoire.

Fullsizeoutput 1307f

then I finished reviewing/filling my bullet journal of the day before (I’m terribly at updating it throughout the day on weekends as I don’t need to tackle any to-do list), and Sofia filled out her weekly highlight page.

Lunch spread

Fullsizeoutput 13086

My bowl of cold buckwheat veggie salad with a dressing made with almond butter, soy sauce, rice vinegar, agave nectar, sesame oil and minced ginger).

Fullsizeoutput 13082

6pm: happy time for the girls, family movie time with fruits and snacks. We watched 3 episodes of babysitters club. Sofia loved it and asked for more next Sunday!


what an amazing Sunday! I was falling asleep before 8pm.

Gratitude: I am grateful to have few childhood friends that I still keep in touch and have a strong bond. I think most of my good friends (including my hubby) were from childhood, only one was when I was over 30 years old. Something about shared memories make it really special.

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