Day 162: first day of school

School STARTED!!! YEY! While we are in 100% online mode, the format has tremendously improved from when we first started online school. Now their schedules are almost identical as if it’s face-to-face. Lizzy attends school from 8-12pm while Sofia attends 8-2:30pm with 45 min lunch break. They also have a morning break of 30 min, but the rest of time they are in different sessions.

It was first day so I wasn’t sure how much assistance Sofia would need so she sit with me in the office. I think for the entire day, she needed me for 30 secs (to connect to zoom), the rest she was fully self-sufficient! She was sooooo engaged and smiling all day long to be back to school and seeing and interacting with her friends. Once she finished it, she spent the afternoon reading quietly, and then swimming for an hour. After dinner, we went out for a walk. Now that they’re looking at devise for so many hours, my main job will be to encourage them to do physical activities.

Lizzy on the other hand was less engaged as expected. Although she seemed more entertained/engaged than before, she’s still not interacting with the teachers/friends. I hope this improves soon as she gets comfortable.

Husband was the one helping Lizzy, even did PE with her.

Overall it was a GREAT start and we are all happy back to “school” even virtually. 🙂


Gratitude: I am grateful to know how much girls enjoy school, especially Sofia, she genuinely loves learning and finds everything so interesting.

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