Day 163: evening walk

Sofia’s day is filled with distance learning, one hour break before another mandarin lesson. I am pretty amazed by how much she enjoys learning and doesn’t seem to get distracted/tired. I was very tired after working only 6 hrs yesterday, maybe because it required a lot of focus, maybe because I’m getting old. I literally couldn’t engage in a conversation with husband for like an hour when I did crafting just to collect my mental cells.

We still managed to go out for a walk in the evening alone. I am enjoying the walk with Sofia a lot. The night breeze is refreshing, there’s so many people on the street. For few seconds, I was confused. Are we still in the pandemic? why does it feel “normal”?

Sofia told me she loves city when I told her maybe when I retire I want to live in a cabin close to mountain so I can hike or do trail run. She says that’s nice but she still prefers city. i asked her why, she said because there’s more people. Definitely a extrovert then 🙂

Gratitude: I am grateful that my family understands that I need silent/me time, especially when I am mentally exhausted, and let me be.

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