Day 184: Wednesday grateful list

I am grateful to start the day with a run with Sofia. (I slept poorly but it didn’t change our new routine)

I am grateful to have the entire office floor for me, AC on freezing temperature, laughing out loud in calls, and un-interrupted when writing my opening remarks for an important meeting. (Don’t mind the cockroaches in the kitchen)

I am grateful to have fun coworkers to chat during a meeting, trusted team who I can criticise and they take it well, thoughtful leader that I am learning from. (Don’t mind the boss who doesn’t care what we do as long as it’s done)

I am grateful for our pool that always can entertain the girls (Don’t mind the waiting line at 5:30pm)

I am grateful for ending evening call at 9pm  last night compared to 10:30pm the day before (I still slept poorly as I went to bed with so many ideas in mind)

I am grateful looking at Lizzy so creative playing lego making a boat with a movable TV (Don’t mind picking up pieces of lego all over the house)


It’s a hectic week, two more days until weekend 🙂

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