Day 185: corporate buzz word

6 months into the pandemic, the most said word during staff meetings has been : MENTAL HEALTH.

Yesterday I attended two staff meetings, one regional and one unit level and 90% of the discussion was about the importance of MENTAL HEALTH, and 10% was  “OH BY THE WAY DON’T FORGET TO DELIVER ON TIME”. Give me a break!!!!

Not that I don’t think mental health is important, it is super important and I personally spent the last 3 months taking care of it. But at the same time I find hypocrite when bosses tell you to take care of your mental health when they keep pilling tasks into your plate, why? because you always deliver! Meanwhile, it seems that some people was bullied or felt harassed. It’s sad that those things happen during this extraordinary time, but I think to stop those things, it starts with us. Each of us needs to put a boundary, to protect what’s more important. Only we can impose the boundary, nobody else.

anyway… quite a rant of corporate BS. Now into a post that Kae did and I found fun to read.

What are you…

Grateful for? 

have the silent office to work

Loving right now?

this book

Bummed about right now?

Not being able to plan trips as we don’t know when would it be safe to travel abroad or domestically.

Having for dinner?

I had cucumber salad and sautéed greens last night. Girls had pasta with veggies.

Listening to?

this podcast

Doing tonight?

will aim for a walk with the girls. Managed to do only once this week due to hectic work.

okay. gotta finish the week strong!

One thought on “Day 185: corporate buzz word

  1. Glad you adopted the fun little quiz format for your post! I like writing posts like that sometimes and I really like reading them, too. Just feels fun, doesn’t it?!

    Sounds like you’re a little frustrated with work, but I can tell you are already doing an awesome job of protecting your mental health. Maybe you should do a presentation for your company/co-workers about some of the mental health stuff you are doing- I bet others would learn a lot from you!! 🙂


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