DAY 186: BIG friendship

TGIF! this week has been very busy with work. I’m so grateful to be able to work in the office with silence, otherwise with all the meetings and deliverables due I would go crazy if I had to work at home and being interrupted every few minutes.

Also, it’s really fun to pick up clothes that I haven’t wore for more than 6 months, some over a year each day. Some are not really business appropriate (like jean short) but no care these days as there’s only guard in the office to judge me.


Yesterday i finished the Big Friendship and absolutely love it. Friendship is something that we know it’s important, especially as we get older, but we don’t take care of it as we do with other relationships. While friendship has many similarities with love relationship, like commitment, time spent togethers, shared values and interests, and disagreements, it’s also very different. I accept more disagreement in opinions with friends that with my husband, I let go of small things more easily with friends, and I’m more open about my feelings with my girlfriends. Yet, I think I’ve worked less to keep my friendship than with love relationship, because the notion of forever friends is even slimmer than love relationships. Friends come in phases of our lives, because we share the interest or a phase of life, then one of us changes live circumstances and shared interests diminishes, then we are fine to let those friends apart from our life. For love relationship, we are more committed to make it work when there’s love.

The book really made me think for the first time what friendship means to me, and review my relationships and stories with different life long friends. The few ones that I keep, I know I’ll have them for life. I don’t share life moments with them as often as when we were kids or lived in one city, but I know what’s happening to their lives and they know mine. I know I can count on them. I know who to call when I am breaking down and she’ll just pick my pieces without judging. It’s wonderful to have them in my life.

From the book:

“there’s an expectation that friendship is the easy part of life. All support, no strife. If it gets hard? Well, it wasn’t meant to be. While there are piles and piles of books to help you through crisis in your marriage and offer you advise on repairing estranged family relationships, not much guidance exists for best friends who can sense things falling apart but don’t know hot o put them back.

My favourite quote, I want to dedicated to my BFF.

I love that you’ve known every version of me. You were there at the beginning and i want you there at the end”

My week ended with reading the book together with Lizzy. 🙂

One thought on “DAY 186: BIG friendship

  1. I am usually glad that I can just wear whatever I want while I work too. I definitely could NOT wear jean shorts to my office, but it’s located inside the hospital and the administration area so there are hospital dress codes in place. Shorts would probably be frowned upon. 🙂 We don’t have to dress “up” but we can’t wear jeans and no shorts, sandals, etc. At home I just wear whatever. I go through stages where I feel like I want to dress up more even at home- sometimes it just makes me feel more productive or like a “real” working employee to be more “put together”. But I usually just wear either workout leggings if I’m planning to walk/ workout during my lunch break, and then after that I change into normal clothes/ shorts/ whatever for the afternoon.


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