Day 187: unfocused

Saturdays are usually in-between hectic work week and full relaxed family Sunday. Some saturdays I’m batch cooking, others I am totally lazy. Yesterday? can’t qualify it well.

It did start well, with a good run (solo first) and then with Sofia. She is getting stronger each run. Yesterday she did 25 min nonstop. Very excited to start when we left


sweaty mess when we finished but feeling accomplished too


Then I went to dentist for a check up. A little annoyance happened. When i finished, i texted my driver but he wasn’t responsive so I ended up going home in a taxi to catch Sofia’s 10am piano lesson. Well…. apparently he was parked in a basement without signal. He apologised like 100 times but I know it was not his fault. I was just annoyed to ride on a taxi. I know… first world problem!

After a groceries trip at local Costco (called S&R that is literally Costco renamed), I got home to prepare lunch for the girls. Sofia had a playdate so the girls enjoyed a chatty lunch with homemade pizza

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The girls continued their playdate while I couldn’t decide what to do. I felt I was reading so much this week so I wanted to watch a movie/series. I  opened up Netflix and browsed for a while, found Anna, watched for 5 min and called it boring. Then I started something else, 2 min later, still couldn’t focus, quit again. A bit annoyed that I couldn’t find something entertaining to watch, I went to my room and started a new book. 2 pages later, couldn’t focus, more annoyed. THANK GOD husband showed up and asked me to go for a walk with him to hit his daily 10k steps. Yep, some movement always helps, especially with hubby. We walked for 30 min and got home more relaxed. I figured it was not a day for movie or book, I’d better do some crafting (almost two months since I started and still 1/4 left to do). That actually worked, I was focused and calm.

Then I made quick dinner for the girls (dumpling) and made myself a cheesy quesadilla that was soooooo good. I found a vegan mozarella cheese and add it to the quesadilla together with hummus, so decadent!

Girls’ movie night!!! The happiest moment of their week.


It was not the perfect Saturday partly because I had to work a bit too. Not with the computer but through text to guide the team what to do. I was annoyed because I had to lay out each minuscule step so they don’t go too far from what I had in mind. I truly don’t like micromanage people, I’d prefer to trust them, but sometimes it doesn’t work. To ensure the desire outcome, I had to intervene, on a saturday, tragic.

One thought on “Day 187: unfocused

  1. Great job Sofia!! How cool that she is into running with you. Very impressive to just go out and run that far without too much training under her belt yet. Sorry you had an annoying day. Fortunately though, like you said, most problems were “first world problems”. 🙂 Those can still be hard to deal with in the moment though, too!


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