Day 188: slow morning and delicious paella

it was a PERFECT kind of Sunday. Sofia and I did exercise to start


I loved my comforting breakfast

Fullsizeoutput 1320d

then we spent 2-3 hrs on the family table while Sofia did home various homework, Lizzy played lego and read, and I did crafting. It was soooo nice to slowdown, do our own things while exchange few chats in between

I get to know their thoughts, expectations, ideas… and I prompted some more for them to think about. I love love those moments. And then I prepared the big meal of the week: PAELLA! So much expectations  as the house started to smell seaweed early in the morning

Fullsizeoutput 1321c

voila!!!! It turned out perfect and there was a lot of mmmmm….. sounds in the house

Fullsizeoutput 13215

I also made a vegan version of paella using mushrooms and also yum yum yum!!!!!!

Fullsizeoutput 13209

Then some alone time with hubby, followed by some work (i know i shouldn’t work on a Sunday but there’s something critical that I needed to look at, like a dissertation problem that the team has been struggling and finally we got a break through), zoom time with grandma and my untie family, and ended with family movie evening while enjoying a dutch baby pancake that Sofia and I made together. She’s really into cooking and wants to cook with me all the time. I guess she observes that I enjoy doing that, it must be fun.

We watched one episode of the Last Dance, Lizzy complained that it was for big people. So after that, we watched their favorite show, Someone feeds Phil London edition.

it was also my BFF birthday (thus my week of reading Big Friendship). I sent her a copy of the big friendship as surprise birthday gift. I hope she likes it too.

Elements for a perfect Sunday: slow day, tons of family time, yummy food, and fun movie night.

One thought on “Day 188: slow morning and delicious paella

  1. Sounds like a really nice day! Kind of makes me wish I had a girl, too! haha! Won’t be having one though. 😉 My boys are super sweet too, but I feel like they are just at that age now that they probably wouldn’t just sit at the table with me for 3 hours doing crafts. 😦 They like to cook/ bake sometimes but usually only if it’s something sweet they get to eat. They aren’t TOO into helping cook dinner, though I really want to make them help more often so they learn.


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