Day 189: week of Sofia’s birthday

This Saturday will be Sofia’s 8th birthday.  I can’t believe how time flies and she’s a big girl already. So today I want to share her past birthday pictures, which is quite telling how she has changed over the years

Year 1: shy, attached mommy 

Year 2: chubby, very cool, no smile 

IMG 4357

Year 3: curious, absorbing, still cool

IMG 9484

Year 4: independent, social, silly

IMG 1719

Year 5: sweet, caring, girly (this is the first year we arrived Manila and didn’t have a birthday party)

Img 6743

Year 6: friendly, brave, sweet (birthday trip to Tokyo Disney)


Year 7: social butterfly, joyful, playful


More to come as celebration week for Sofia.

Monday was blurr. I only wrote down three things in my to-do list but still felt overwhelmed. Well.. Mondays.

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