Day 190: Sofia’s first accident

One of the hardest thing for a mom is to see your kid suffer and I got to experience it when Sofia was 15 years old. She fell from a playground equipment (2 or 3 meters) when playing. She immediately started crying and continued to cry when I carried her to home (30 min walk). She was so tired crying that she fell asleep. I thought she was fine then, but when she woke up, she started to cry again, then I knew something was wrong.

we went to the doctor office, x-ray and everything and she had a fracture that needed to be casted for 6 weeks to start with. My heart ached so badly, it still does as I reviewed the photos

IMG 0627

That was the first time that she showed her resilience. Even for adults, having a cast would be very annoying.. how can we expect kids to be fine with it when she just started to walk and run few months earlier. But she didn’t complain, never showed frustration, but embraced her cast as part of her and moved on with life. Yes, she needed to be carried from place to place for the first few weeks

IMG 0661

but then she managed to “walk/jump” around by herself at the daycare, and her friends even “decorated” her cast

IMG 0716

by the end of it, she was professional and walks around independently. People in Trader Joes’ would look at her and smile.

IMG 0848

It was not until the cast was off that my heart could be at rest because I wasn’t sure if there would be perfect damage to her leg or growth. Fortunately she was young enough to grow out of it quickly and no issue since then. What an experience at such an early age. Even she remembers it as she wrote about it in her personal story when school started.

Tuesday was another stressful day at work and ended up at 10:30pm. The source of stress is I’m forced to do things that it’s not part of my character. I like to trust my team and delegate, which I believe it’s the best way to let creativity and agency come out. But when that approach doesn’t work, I have no choice but micro manage which is super inefficient and frustrating.

I know this is affecting me because my stomach acidity is coming back, so need to find a solution to resolve the issue ASAP so I can get back to my calm and optimistic self.

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