Day 191: the sky cleared :)

For the last few days my anxiety and stress level was super high. I knew it about it because it affected my sleep, my mental calmness (I couldn’t read!), my breath was rapid, I was either not eating or snacking too much, and I didn’t spend time with my family. It was due to a work project that I’m leading . Everyone is under pressure and not progressing much, which adds more stress.

Yesterday I snapped out of it. I realized that we were in that situation not because the team is not working hard but because I underestimated the work load (time required and complexity). It was my fault as the leader of the team. I had an honest discussion with the team member that was holding the bulk of the data work, who has been making mistake after mistake, some of them I was astonished with. I suggested to her to bring someone else to help her. I assured her that I value her work ethic and believe her capabilities, I am also aware what stress and pressure can do to people (more mistakes when you try so hard to avoid them), so I am bringing someone to share the burden and make this project a good experience for everyone.

When I said it out and she thanked me for acknowledging her pressure, a big weight lifted out of my shoulder and my mind cleared. I said to myself, I should have seen it before. AS leader, I need to bring the best of the people, not the worse. If something is not working, I am ultimately responsible. Blaming to others is not the right approach and leads nowhere.

what an AHA moment!!!

I had a long hug with the girls and t I slept 9 hrs!!! 😆


Continuing with theme of the week on Sofia’s birthday. Today I want to share our first trip when she was 10 months old. We went to hawaii!! what a lovely place!!!

IMG 6336

I didn’t realize there is 3 hrs time difference, so it was quite a pain to adjust to it when the baby had a consistent sleeping schedule. So early mornings were the norm. Also, the long fight was quite a pain with her, but well… we had a great time. We visited Honolulu and Oahu.

IMG 6359

She was not reactive to things/views, just absorbing them. Look this place, so peaceful, beautiful and relaxing.

IMG 6451

many days she was grumpy but some times she’s happy to look around

IMG 6561

looking these pics make me want to book a fly to go back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IMG 6745

how little she was and chubby….

IMG 6476

can’t wait to travel again post-covid.

One thought on “Day 191: the sky cleared :)

  1. I’m glad you worked through your stress and work issues in a positive way! You seem very Type A and I’m sure that can be difficult as a leader, when others don’t work to the same standard you hold for yourself or just don’t have the same capabilities!!! I’m not in a leadership role, personally, but I do know that if I ever feel someone in charge of me thinks I’m not doing things well enough I find it very stressful…probably leading to me more mistakes and just feeling very flustered. It sounds like you realized a change was needed to alleviate some of that. So much better than just continuing to pressure her endlessly! Sounds like it was an overall win-win for your team. 🙂


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