Day 192: first nail spa in 6 months!!!

After my mental sky cleared, I was in great mood the whole day. Even climbing stairs for every bathroom stop didn’t bother me anymore (1 floor only but still). I had a super productive day at work and then went to a nail salon with a colleague friend. It was glorious!!! I felt like 10 lb of skin was peeled off my foot.

I took of picture of how I prepare lunch for the family each morning before I go to the office. Yesterday was leftover mac n cheese with veggies for the girls, and shephard pie with green beans for the family.

In Asian culture, food is love, particularly for my husband because that’s how his mom raised him. So I continue the tradition and make all three meals for the family, something I truly enjoy.

Fullsizeoutput 1323b

Finally, I got the calm mind to start a new book. Fascinating so far. And look my new colors.

while the girls had their evening snacks. Usually it’s just fruit but last night they had homemade cookies.

Fullsizeoutput 1323d

We learned a rather “sad” news last night. A playdate friend of Sofia is leaving Manila too. It brought up mixed feelings to me. On one hand, I feel grateful where we’ve came through during the pandemic. Life is almost back to normal, I even work in the office. But we haven’t traveled anywhere this year so far (I know… first world tragedy) and I’m really feeling going somewhere, anywhere. Some of my colleagues are going to near by beach, but when I look at the pics of those places, I don’t feel excited. I don’t want our first back to travel experience to be a mediocre one. I know… i’m asking too much. But one can always dream. This thought kept me awake last night (only slept 4 hrs), so I think I need to work on find a good place to go, turn anxious feeling into action.

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