Day 193: 5 for Friday

5 Things that made me smile:

  • Stepping into office at 7:55AM
  • Husband picking me up at 4pm under the heavy rain
  • Groceries shopping with hubby alone
  • Watch a new series with hubby alone at home when both girls were at playdates
  • In bed by 7:50pm (I was up since 2AM)

5 yummy things I ate

  • nourishing bowl of oatmeal with runny almond butter
  • vegan shephard pie
  • kabocha
  • cornflakes
  • juicy watermelon

5 things I love about Sofia

  1. She makes friends easily

IMG 5161

2. She loves physical activities

IMG 5703

3. She’s a great company to mama

IMG 7009

4. She values family above all


5. She’s resilient and adaptable

5 things I am looking forward this weekend

  • Sofia’s birthday lunch on Saturday
  • Morning jog with Sofia on Saturday and biking on Sunday
  • Slow Sunday morning
  • Bake something sweet with the girls
  • Big chunk of reading time

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