Travel: we arrived Boracay!

I can’t believe we arrived!!! I’m saying this because more drama happened on the way and we were almost returning home.

We arrived the airport 4 hrs before departure time (which was already delayed for an hour, thankfully). We were excited and expectant to our first vacation in 2020. I wasn’t anxious because I wasn’t sure what other drama was waiting me ahead.

After a short line, we were at the checking counter. I showed all our documents and the lady asked me where are our QR codes. I still didn’t have it. So I called the hotel again who was trying to reach to tourism office since 7am. Around 8:15am they lady in the hotel told me that I didn’t submit proof of residency (as only domestic travel is allowed thus we can’t be international tourists). I quickly started to look for our visas (work visa means resident), and I only saw the visa that was expired on April 10 this year. PANIC!!! Our visa expired? Now what? I started calling our HR to see if she can issue a letter proving that my assignment has extended. Our nice HR was surprised by my call (obviously) but kindly said she will see what she can do and will call me back in few minutes . Few minutes later she called, and said actually our visa were extended already. I started looking again for the visa, obviously it was there all this time. But as I was stressed I overlooked it. OK, visa found and sent to the tourism office.

An hour later we finally got our QR codes to check in. Apparently they sent them a while but I never got them, thankfully shangri-la staff were kind enough to keep calling them to send them to the hotel, and then the hotel sent me. At that moment, I was so grateful that I booked with them. This trip wouldn’t have happened if we stayed in another hotel.

Anyway…. by the time we got to the gate, it was an hour left for boarding (which didn’t happened for another few hours). At that point, I was a bit relieved and close to believe that we were going… but not 100% sure as anything could happen afterwards.

We took off at 2pm finally. After a short flight, we finally arrived!!!

We got picked up by the hotel staff, short van ride first, followed by 10 min speed boat, and another 10 min van ride, we finally got to the hotel! The moment we entered! I was finally relieved!!!

WE LOVE OUR HOTEL. everything is soooooooo pretty and calming.

We unpacked and went to the secluded beach for the sunset.

VACATION officially started!

ps. I’m using computer to edit so won’t be posting too many pics, will post a recap when we returned, and possibly a video too. 🙂

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