Lazy days

The last two days in Boracay were spent exclusively in the hotel. This time our vacation days are slowwweww and I love it. We usually do a lot while traveling and I tend to plan ahead activities for us, at least one outing per day. Not this time. Maybe it’s because I’m just too burned out from work and have no bandwidth to plan more before traveling, or I simply feel like this trip is meant to be about slowing down and just let the days take us.

I’m so glad that I chose shangri la over other slightly cheaper options this time. it’s really a perfect place to stay in as the hotel is like a sanctuary, plenty of greens and water every corner we turn. The hotel has full schedule for kids and adults separately and we’ve been trying out face painting, bracelet making, cupcake decoration, treasure hunt, fish feeding, and taking advantage of the entertainment center and adventure zone (indoor playground) for the kids. They can’t get enough of them.

The rest of the time was spent on the beach where I read, girls play with the sand, and husband takes naps. Vacation vibe full force.

The weather hasn’t been great as there’s typhoon near by so it has been raining sometimes. But it doesn’t bother us as we have plenty to do. It just makes me even more grateful to have chosen this hotel.

3 days gone 6 more to go! 🙂


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