We are back from the paradise

Our 10D/9N trip got extended to 12D/11N due to Typhoon Goni which cancelled all flights to Manila. No complaining from anyone from the family 🙂

Where should I start? I think I’ll break down the recap in few posts: (i) overview; (ii) activities in the hotel; (iii) what we ate; (iv) surprises

Shall I start with the overview?

All the hurdles that I had to go through to get us to Boracay was ALL worth it because we were in paradise on earth! Just look this white beach, which is the main beach in Boracay, white powder sand, turquoise water, shallow up to 100m, and almost empty. Can we ask for more???  The hotel had daily shuttles to there, we went there twice during our stay.


The second time was our 5th anniversary. We didn’t have anything fancy planned, but to enjoy our family trip.

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we also enjoyed some smoothies after being under the sun for an hour, so refreshing

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Another highlight of our trip was live-music with the most beautiful sunset!!!!


we couldn’t help ourselves but to take million of pics

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our family picture with the best background we could have asked for


We didn’t miss the Halloween either as the hotel organized activities for the kids, treasure hunt in the morning and trick and treat in the afternoon. Sofia even draw a cat face as her costume

IMG 0548


the funniest part of the trip was we met with many students from the same school of Sofia and Lizzy, so Sofia was so happy playing with new and old friends from school. Even on days that there were thundersome and heavy rains, we were happily entertained inside.

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Lizzy also made many new friends, on the spot! So proud of her breaking her usual shyness. She was the one that wanted to live there FOREVER!


Final picture before we took the speedboat to the airport.

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more to come. I have so many things/thoughts to share but also long to-do lists to tackle first.

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