Travel: activities in Boracay

Shangri-la Boracay is AMAZING! They had organised activities for adults and kids EVERYDAY. The girls went nuts and wanted to do everything. With our 12 days stay, we pretty much did everything and sometimes twice.

They did cupcake and cookie decorations, TWICE. (I made sure to scrap the frosting before they actually ate the cupcakes)


LIzzy needed some help with the frosting but really liked decorating it


I had my first massage since March at the Chi Spa!!! OH MY GOD! The moment I stepped in, I felt relaxed already


it was a rainy day but the set up is the following: a pool and small houses besides it, each house is a spa treatment place with private room and changing room


I was ready to start the luscious experience


Adventure Zone (indoor playground) was the kids TO-GO place. They spent hours in it. They were preparing for a treasure hunt


they also had slime making


Bracelet making and single strand hair braid


the entertainment centre was amazing too, many games, table tennis, some video games, and traditional local games. Sofia had  fun playing them with her new friend

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a big TV for cartoon during break time


They also had classic movies, so every night after dinner, we watched a movie in the room together. Girls LOVED the “tradition”

Obviously we had beach time every no-raining day


lounging on the most comfy chair!!!! The moment I lied down, I couldn’t believe how comfortable it is. I told hubby, please try this, I bet you’d never tried this kind of lounge chair. Even Lizzy was happily on it for hours


when sun was too much, I moved to the pool side. This is my default position during the day, reading, napping, just be.


we also joined a bat watching evening walk. We didn’t see many bats but the sunset view was super nice

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the hotel also had snorkelling trip but the waves were too rough so daddy and Sofia went snorkelling with the guide swimming. Lizzy got scared of the wave so I walked with her around the beach instead.


we saw so many crabs, of all sizes and colours, this is the cutest one.


I’ve been in Shangri-la in many cities for work but this one in Boracay is really the most family friendly one, i can’t believe how well organised and thoughtful they are. At the beginning of our stay, either hubby or I would stay with the kids when they were doing the organised activities, but throughout the second half of our trip, we’d just drop them, best vacation ever!!! 😆

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