Day 220: I am in cloud 9!!!

It was an EPIC day for many reasons.

  1. We don’t have COVID. dah… not surprising but nice to know 🙂 so we are free to travel
  2. I was preparing for an important review meeting that was scheduled for 8pm. I was expecting for the worse 2 hrs, but it went so smoothly that when it ended within one hour… I kept looking at my computer in shock how well it went.
  3. I GOT THE BEST NEWS in term of our life for the next 18 months!

okay. let me elaborate on #3. My current assignment in the Philippines was about to end July 2021 as it’s mandatory for me to rotate to another position/country after 4 years term. HOWEVER, we love our life here! I have the best job I could ever asked for, the girls love their school and our condo pool, and our easy life (no chores required as help is so cheap here). Husband loves here as he has an easy but respectable job, and golfing here is so cheap. Plus we love the region and feel we still have a lot of travel to do. So we’ve been thinking since the beginning of 2020 how can I extend my term here. It’s not easy as it’s against the rules, maybe big bosses need to endorse and fight the system. The decision needs to be made by end of this year my whereabout, so I was actually planning how to ask.

Yesterday I had a chat with my boss who I am very close to and I know how much he values me. We were chatting to prepare for the difficult meeting at night but ended up talking more than an hour on various issues. Then he touches on my career path, my next rotation, and asked what I wanted to do. I saw the opportunity and told him very openly that my first choice would be to stay here. JUST LIKE THAT, BLUNT and DIRECT. And guess what he responded? he said: that’s EXACTLY WHAT I WANT TOO. While he prefers me to stay to help him, he also respects my plans so he didn’t ask until yesterday. I WAS IN CLOUD 9! I was almost jumping in my office. 5 min after we ended our call, he sent a message to my director to tell him about his REQUEST and my WISH. 😆

While it’s not final yet, I think it is 90% done!

la-la la-la la-la…..

now off to Boracay (finger crossed everything goes smoothly too!)

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