Monday + things about Lizzy

Monday was uneventful. Due to lack of enough weekend, I didn’t started my Monday with excitement. Yet, I finished my important tasks, placed order for an important gift, and finished work by 4pm. I went home, girls were running around excited. I needed to slowdown, unwind my mind exhausted from deep work. I did 30 min of crafting and that felt good. Husband went to golf and was in great mood, so made me company while I did crafting. We didn’t talk but enjoyed each others company.

By 7pm, I had to take a nap while girls were reading in the bedroom. I know… nap at 7pm? I couldn’t keep my eyes opened. 10 min later, I woke up, finished the book, and told the girls that mommy needed to go to sleep now, 7:50pm. I’m grateful for husband to lead them for bed time routine as he usually does, so I could turn light off and went back to my beloved bed. 😀 Sleep has never felt so good.

Today I have to share few things about Lizzy. I wrote them down when we were in Boracay and I want to record them as she is growing too fast. This stage will pass soon. If I have to put two words to the current stage: CUTE + SILLY.

Lizzy is 4.5 years old and hubby and I keep asking ourselves if she can continue to be the cutie of our family. If she just be this cutie forever I’m happily support her forever

IMG 4688

Lizzy has the sweetest and real smile!


She’s not shy to share with us her excitement. Everyday since I announced our trip to Boracay she was the first to remind us in the morning how many days left until our trip. The day of the trip she kept telling us how excited she was.
She’s a compassionate girl who would sacrifice her play time to be with Sofia during her zoom class so Sofia wouldn’t feel left out.

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She thinks about others in the weirdest moment. When we discuss about when we leave the Philippines for my next assignment lizzy told us that we should give our car to Mai, her friend, as she doesn’t have a car and has to take taxis.
She’s shy and doesn’t like to be forced to be otherwise. When meeting new people, she wouldn’t say hi or interact with others. If we force her she’ll burst into cry.

She needs time and passive encouragement to do wild things. Sofia is fearless and jumps to the biggest slide without hesitation. Lizzy on the other hand is also scared at first. But then eventually she’ll ask our company to try herself. This just happened as she was brave enough to got off from the big kid slide. After the first time she wanted to do it over and over again.

She has a sweet tooth and loves doughnut and pizza.

Her favorite foods are eggs and fruit.
She’s silly and makes us laugh all the time with her random dance, move, sound.

She’s a happy girl. We watched the inside out movie yesterday about feelings. As Sofia was telling me about different feelings, lizzy just keep repeating one feeling, her feeling, happy happy happy 😃

She’s a sweet girl and finds comfort in mama. When she’s scared about anything (a movie scene), she’ll come to my and ask for hug. I tell her I’m with her. And she’ll repeat: mama will always protect me.

She’s an early riser. Often time she wakes up before Sofia and she quietly waits in her bed until Sofia wakes u.p

When she’s bored she’ll ask for snacks. I often remind her to find something to do instead of thinking eating will entertain her. Lately, when she’s bored, she wants to hug people. Last Sunday, we were watching a movie, and she asked the family: can I hug someone?

She is slowly getting interested in books, influenced by mama and Sofia. She’d sit down for a while and grabs a comic book to read, and shows me something funny from time to time.

She’s a chatty box with her favorite teachers and with Sofia.

She likes to be my company when I’m in the kitchen.

IMG 5240

She’s getting creative with her crafts and lego. Quietly she’ll do something and shows us very proudly.


She’s finally into TV. When she was 3 years old, she couldn’t sit for more than 10 min. When Sofia watches TV on Sunday, she’s usually running around. But a year later. She could be glued to TV.


She loves travels. She wanted us to stay in Boracay forever (I don’t blame her).


To us, she’s still a baby and we call her bebe. But when others call her baby, she doesn’t like it. She’ll correct them saying i am not a baby nor toddler. So I ask her, what do you want to be called then. She’d say: BEBE 😆

IMG 6665

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