We had a slow relaxing day at home. Sofia and I jogged for 40 min. While I took bath I chatted with mom. I am liking the back-to-grad school tradition. I used to call my parents every Sunday for 1-2 hrs just to chat. Since my dad passed away two years ago, somehow I talk less to my mom. Maybe subconsciously I am still not over the guilt I felt regarding my Dad’s sudden death. Obviously that’s not founded. My dad was grown up and made his life choices. My role was to advise but not to force. But for a long time, I felt like if I had insisted more to him on changing to healthy life styles, he could have lived longer.

During the chat with my mom, she told me that my mother in-law sleeps 4hrs a day for years. After learning about the importance of sleeping, I was worried about her. So I talked to husband to see if she could make some sleep habits to improve the quality of her sleep, like not watching TV before sleeping. He responded firmly that we shouldn’t be interfering with their decades long habits, just let them be and accept that this is part of the ageing process. It made me feel conflicted, especially given my feeling about my dad’s passing away.

What’s our role as children to our ageing parents? Should we respect them as they are even though we know they’re not taking good care of themselves? Or should we insist in changing them?

I still don’t have the answer.

Anyway…. I hope I can influence my small families with healthy life styles. This little girl loves to make me company when I was at the computer table. Anywhere could be her play area as long as she’s with someone and with her legos.


day 2 of leftover life. We still had chicken breast that is not very appetising so we made a white sauce chicken pizza (because I realized I didn’t have any tomato sauce at home). White sauce turned out to be a great new favorite of the family. Sofia helped with the toppings.


To supplement leftovers, two stir fry veggies and cucumber salad.


Afternoon was spent finishing the Great Gatsby. I was surprised that it was a sad love story at the end. Now, I need to watch the movie.

Christmas season is in every corner of Manila (since October) so I took the girls for an evening walk and taking pictures of the Christmas decorations, fully equipped with protection though, the new normal


we also visited food stands but didn’t find anything too attractive to try, so we left with empty hands and had banana split and ice cream for dinner, followed by homemade popcorn while watching kids movie.


Very glad that it’s a long weekend here in Manila too… more slow family day to come, my favourites! 🙂

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