Holiday plans & black friday buys

Continuing the Holiday spirit started over the Thanksgiving, I’ve put together a list of things we will do over the next few weeks:

Advent Calendar. The girls are already super excited to start in December 1. Last year we did a combination of activities and toys. This year, I want to do 100% activities as I really despite toys that entertain them 5 min and become clutter right after. I’ve put together a list of 24 things to do including christmas bingo, gingerbread hunt, cookie decoration with friends, etc.

Make cookie gift boxes: Each kids choose who to give to (teachers) and I also pick few colleagues. We plan to bake few types of cookies, wrap them properly and send them as gifts to people that we want to show appreciation during this holiday season. Girls are super excited!

Trip to El Nido: usually our end of year trip is 1 or 2 weeks, but this time will be only 3 nights given the covid situation. Still, we feel so privileged to  be able to travel to such a pristine place.

Gift exchange: the plan is to give a small budget to each of us to buy 3 gifts to each of the family members. Girls are old enough to do that and I think it’s a good moment to pause and think how to appreciate them.

Care package to our past and current helpers: We have two helpers that worked with us before the lockdown. They are unemployed during this time. I paid them full for 3 months and had to let them go. While I can’t employ them again anytime soon, I’m sure they’ll appreciate a care package.

Filipino Christmas Eve for the helpers (to be planned). Our helper and all helpers in this building have been staying in since lockdown in March. Most of them haven’t had the chance to see their families nor have any timeline when they’ll do. They understand that this is for safety reason of everyone but it’s already hard on them. So I’m thinking to gather few helpers that are friends with mine, and provide them with allowances to buy food for a Christmas Eve dinner to be celebrated together at my place. I think this might help them to keep the holiday spirit up despite the hard condition they live in.

Woo….. that seems a long list but I’m excited! 🙂

Black Friday in the US. I really didn’t plan to buy anything but i saw few things that I need or plan to buy anyway, so I’m taking advantage of the discount:

Few moisturisers (1, 2, 3) and lip treatment.

Non-toxic nail care. I love mani/pedi but always conflicted whether I should put toxic things on my nails. So when I found out that there are nontoxic ones, I got excited and order few.

Melissa Health yearly plan. I started doing her workout early this month and I really like it. I also listened to few podcasts that she was the guest, and most of her youtube videos. I think she’s beautiful human being. Her workout are short, sweet, and effective, so I want to support her doing what she does.

InsideTracker InnerAge 2.0. Although I think I’m in a good place in term of healthy ageing, I still want to know how to improve further. I was in email exchange with them last few weeks figuring out how to do it when I can’t send my blood to them. Fortunately I can do DIY which means I’ll have my blood tests here in the Philippines and send them the results. My next yearly check up is January, can’t wait to have a baseline for my bio age.

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One thought on “Holiday plans & black friday buys

  1. I need to make a little list too of some things I want to make sure we do over the holidays. Most things we do are “traditions”, so I don’t really have to worry about forgetting them (like making cookies, or decorating the tree). But I would like to brainstorm a few other ideas too this year. It’s great that much of your list focuses on giving back to others. Your girls are at the perfect age to really get into that! Sounds like you scored some good stuff on Black Friday too. I didn’t buy anything for myself, but there were a couple things I wanted…I might see if some sales are still going on this weekend and place a couple orders yet.


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