Remember what matters in the long term

I am so glad this week is over. It was a busy and roller coaster week. Yesterday I had the first face-to-face meeting for work with high officials, first time since the pandemic. Quite an adventure. The meeting went very well but I had mixed feeling about it. I think what bothered me was that I thought I cared a bit too much.

No doubt job is a large part of our life and I love mine. Yet, this week I felt my attention was too focused on job and neglected a bit my family and the holiday spirit that I set myself for the month. I know that I can’t aim to feel work-life balance all the time but I didn’t like the fact that my mind and my emotions were affected largely by what was happening at work, good and bad.

Reward and recognition from work is great feeling but it’s temporary, and I need to remind myself constantly about it because the danger of needing them to feel happy is a dangerous thing. I’d rather live with the stable emotional joy I get from my family and self-care, as they are what really matter at the end of the day. I recall reading somewhere that if you ask people who are dying what they regret in life, no body ever said they regretted not having worked more. Everyone said they regretted not having spent more time with their loved ones.

So.. even in high moments from my career, part of me reminds me to temper the euphoria I get from it, and return myself to what is real and what matters in the long run.

This weekend we will be baking cookies for gifting! I’m really looking forward to it.

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