Passing the joy of giving back

After my revelation, I was determined to pass the joy of giving back to the family, especially the girls. So we have decided to make a care package to the teachers as a way to show their appreciation. So this weekend, we were busy doing that and was a lot of fun, fulfilment, and sweets!

We started the Saturday with an apple cake. I love how easy it is to make and the fresh smell in the house first thing in the morning created a cozy ambiance and sweet mood for everyone.


girls are always excited when they see cakes

Fullsizeoutput 1373b

We made two types of cookies on Saturday: Peanut butter blossom, and a pretzel chocolate bar


Sunday started with some sweat. It was a humid day. Thanks for a glorious 9 hrs of sleep I felt extra energetic and did 12 miles in total, 4 with Sofia.


two more types: sugar cookie with raisin, and biscotti with pecan and pineapple.

Fullsizeoutput 13753

once the cookies were done, the whole family got together to make the cards (obviously everything needed to be homemade!). daddy cut the papers, Sofia wrote the greetings and some decor, and Lizzy just added hearts.


Final product. i was so pleased to see how creative they were.


all ready!

Cv80FBRnToudK0 NeySwPg

we were very pleased with the final product. Goodies made with love and care


Fullsizeoutput 13757

We delivered two as the teachers lived nearby, and our driver delivered two that live far away. On Monday we will deliver the rest.

Before sunset, we went out for a walk to buy birthday cards for daddy, his birthday is coming up this week. It was so hot and humid so we got some cold smoothies for the walk. Perfect way to end this sweet day.


I was personally very happy how everything turned out. The whole family was engaged. I did most of the baking but girls helped as much as they could including the testing! 🙂 This might be a new tradition we do every year? Who can refuse a box of fresh made cookies! 🙂

Between making the gifts, I had to work this weekend for few hours each time so I feel that I need another weekend to relax. hahah… Fortunately Tuesday is a public holiday, will have time to relax somewhat while celebrating hubby’s birthday.

2 thoughts on “Passing the joy of giving back

  1. That’s awesome!! At first I was thinking you made the whole apple cake to give someone, and then in the next picture I saw Lizzy eating it so I was like, oh no, wait she ate the cake!? hahahahaha! 🙂 Those look like amazing gift boxes and a wonderful afternoon making those cards.

    I was going to ask you- do you have any suggestions of crafting kits or ideas for kids? I know you order a lot of that kind of thing. I’d like to find something that isn’t super girly that I could maybe do this winter with the boys, or something they could do on their own. Asher likes that kind of thing but I’m not sure what to get.


  2. hi Kae, I ordered crafting things from china, but those are too time consuming (took me 4 months to finish it!). Do your boys like puzzles? i find those are entertaining for few weekend.
    my girls do crafting all the time with recycle materials in the house, so I don’t really have to buy any other than glue and some colour papers.


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