Half day at home

A holiday after busy Monday is the best!!! I had to work in the morning, but spent the rest of the day at home. At first, I had a meeting invite from my boss, and I had to tell him that i was holidays here in the Philippines. Given the recent change within my work about work life balance, no managers dare to schedule meetings on holidays anymore, so I felt very comfortable to ask him to reschedule! What I learned during the pandemic is that nobody will protect my time/space other than me. If I let people manage my life, then they will keep demanding. 🙂

Sofia and I jogged in the morning. She’s asking to jog with me every time that she can. I hope she can slowly love running, a tool she can have for the rest of her life (stress releasing!). After shower we took pictures of the month. Better late than never.

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they are growing too fast!!! I still can’t believe I made two girls!!! Do you ever stop getting this feeling? maybe when they are 18? I think I might have this feeling forever! 😆

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after lunch or brunch for me (18 hrs unplanned fast for me), Sofia and I spent the afternoon in my room. I read a new book about female hormones while she did her lego (that seems ever ending project!).  Lizzy meanwhile was at playdates, two per day! busy girl! 🙂


I was running out of ideas for their Advent calendar, so when husband mentioned about the new lego holiday movie, I thanked him for giving me the idea for surprise. so the girls got to watch it on a Tuesday and they were super happy about it.

We are doing advent calendar, third year already. They now know that I’m the one to put the gift/surprise in our calendar box, but they are still super excited about it. Each morning Lizzy would ask me to put it in. This year, we are doing mainly crafting, activities, games. It’s only December 9, I need more ideas.

Making traditions for the family requires a lot of thinking and planning. I’m glad that we get to live the spirit of holidays through these activities. We are making memories that we will cherish for a long time. 🙂

One thought on “Half day at home

  1. I wrote little things into our advent calendar. Learning Merry Christmas in 5 languages, doing a scavenger hunt for a book (which will be a Christmas book), and then some little things like making our family holiday card together. But my kiddo is only 3 so she’s more amused by these things.


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