Husband birthday celebration: the best to date!

We had the best celebration for husband’s 39th birthday!!! I started the planning two months ago actually by getting the perfect gift for him. One that I am absolutely sure he’ll love it! Then I asked around where to take him for lunch/dinner and decided on a french restaurant. Then with the girls, we wrapped the gifts and wrote the cards, door closed! 🙂

On the day of the birthday, I made heart shape stacked french toast, lit a candle, put the present before calling him out.

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Sofia played the birthday song and we sing! what a lovely day to start the special day, right?


then we all go on our day as usual, I went to work, girls had distance learning. By noon, we went to the restaurant, first time dine out as a family. The place was soooo nice, so elegant and sophisticated. I was very glad with the choice of restaurant the moment we were sitted.


photo can tell how happy we all were.


the food was amazing too. We started with salad


and tomato soup


Lizzy had Hunter’s chicken as main (she finished it off all and some more from others! OMG!)


husband had confit duck


Sofia had burger with truffle brie and the most perfect fries that we all shared


I’ve asked the restaurant before hand if they had anything vegan, and they were really thoughtful to prepare a special menu for me. My main was ratatouille with couscous. perfection!!!

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the family had chocolate mousse as dessert! Everyone was raving about it

URWWXba4TnmkDyUQ7R2MJQand mine was a marinated pineapple with baby basil and hazelnuts. sooooo good and I don’t even like pineapple


and they brought a special dessert with a candle…

We absolutely loved the food, the service, the ambience, and the  conversation we had as a family. Loved it!


Husband asked me where I want to dine for my birthday, in two weeks. I said: well… that’s your job now. I’m done with planning for birthday this year. and by the way… the bar is this high now! hahahaha…

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