Things that made my day

One week till holiday break! YAY! the past two weeks have been busy at work and I am really looking forward to almost three weeks of vacation!!!

I had a wonderful Friday to end the week. Some highlights:

  • I realised I’ll be on leave from December 18 until January 7.
  • We have two short trips planned: one to el Nido and one to a near by beach with a colleague family. YAY!!!
  • Two of my team members are getting promoted!!! I am soooooo happy for them. They are among my favorite people in the world, so hard working, kind, and I love seeing them getting acknowledged by the management. I was literally jumping around the office from the excitement.
  • I met a wonderful doctor yesterday. My dry eyes allergy symptoms are back this week so I went to visit another eye dr. He was so patient and kind. I felt assured by his diagnosis and treatment (much better than the previous I saw which I left unsure I’ll get better). So.. his diagnosis is that I have seasonal allergy. A bummer but at least it’s nothing to be worried. Just need to put the drops and maybe allergy medicine. I’m going to see an allergy doctor too just to make sure I have everything covered.
  • Girls and I had good time exploring our building Christmas decoration. So pretty and festival.
  • Silly moments with Lizzy. She always makes fun of herself and we giggled for quite a while. This time was her belly dance… so funny! I think she has potential to do comedy.
  • I have exciting new projects at work! Guess the topic? climate change!!! I’m very skeptical about it for developing countries…. and my new task? Convince the key policymakers about it…. so first I need to convince myself. I find the “challenge” to be exciting! Don’t you like the process of changing your mind about something? I find it fascinating.


One thought on “Things that made my day

  1. Lots of exciting things!! What a beautiful tree in the photo. How fun to have some trips coming up. Christmas is actually the one time of year we NEVER travel! Haha! We have lots of very set holiday traditions and I really love them… so I never want to be gone at Christmas time. But I am really getting the itch to do more traveling again.. I’d love to be able to go somewhere for spring break but I don’t know what will be practical even by that point around here.


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