Wonderful Sunday + giving back

We had an amazing Sunday! We had a real life lesson that made us all reflect, relaxing afternoon, and almost 10 hrs sleep for me.

We started the day with running and biking. We met with Sofia’s teacher on the street by accident and it put a big smile in Sofia as she has never met him in person since the start of the school year.


After a long bath while reading a new book that is soooo good… I helped the girls to pack our care package for our current and past helpers/driver.


Sofia also wrote cards for each of them. Ready to deliver them

It was a big surprise to Jesica (who worked with us for two years) to get a care package from us. It was so nice to see her (haven’t seen her since March) and her soon.

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we continued our journey to deliver the package to our driver’s family. This is where they live… looks like a different country from where we live. Quite a shock to the girls.

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met his son who’s at Lizzy’s age. Life opportunities would be so different for him


and finally to Rowena, who worked with us almost 3 years before the pandemic.

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On the way back… we all reflected quite a  bit. Sofia was happy about what we did, share with others what we can. Husband and I told the girls that we came from this living space too, so this is not foreign to both of us. It reminded us where we came from, the wonderful life journey to get where we are now, how lucky we are to be where we are, and it’s our duty to teach the girls to appreciate the life circumstances they are now, and never forgot to give back. Seeing the children of our staff made me quite sad. As parents, no matter who you are, you want to give the best to your children and hope they have a good life. Yet, given the constraints, they can not provide as much as they’d like to, and must be feeling disappointed and defeated that their kids cannot grow out of this living condition. It’s sad and unfair, mainly due to social and economic structure of the country. I’m working hard to help countries to change that, which makes me passionate about my job. Yet, I know maybe we can never change it due to the perverse incentives system. But I need to keep the hope and work hard to make a difference, even small.

I spent the afternoon reading and semi-napping. The girls enjoyed the evening with a Christmas movie (Klass) with homemade popcorn. I went to bed at 7:40pm and didn’t wake up until 5:45am!

One thought on “Wonderful Sunday + giving back

  1. Ohh it’s so hard to see, isn’t it? I always feel that way in some areas in Mexico when we visit. It is very eye opening for the kids, too. Otherwise, it’s very easy to think our comfortable lifestyle is the “norm” everywhere. It definitely makes me for some good conversation and discussion- travel in general is so good for kids to understand that there is a big world outside the little bubble they live in day to day.


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