Crunch time thoughts

Who gets to start a completely new project the week before the end of the year and leave? well…. unfortunately or fortunately I’m the one. Don’t get me wrong, I’m super excited and feel proud to be the designated one to start this huge project, yet when I’m reading piles of papers in my office this week when there’s no single soul in the floor.. I wonder… am I doing what I’m supposed to do?

Yesterday my boss told me something that made me laugh and reflect: others admittedly say xx (me) is a machine, but xx is a mother too.

It made me smile but also made me wonder…. am I doing the mother job well? am I dedicating enough time and thoughts about my kids? I guess this is a never ending thought all mothers wonder ALL the time.

I’m very looking forward for the 3 weeks break time starting this weekend. We will have 10 days of no travels between the two trips. At first I wonder if I should plan another trip but decided not to as I want to enjoy my vacation in a slow motion. Things that I have planned to do:

  • make the yearly family photo album
  • make videos of our trips (Boracay and El Nido)
  • declutter the house (probably one room/area a day)
  • read read read… I am being reading a lot of memories lately and probably my favorite genre of the year. But I also want to have longer stretch of time to read some novels.
  • cook through a recipe book. This challenge has been in my mind for so long, so I think I’ll finally start during the break.
  • start golf lessons again with Sofia.
  • daily walk with the girls

The past few days the girls were busy playing with their friends. Sofia had her first post-pandemic birthday party last weekend and she had so much fun. It was a very small party, 5 including the birthday girl, but they really bounded and they are meeting again this weekend for an end-of-school year party. I was surprised when one of the mom sent me the invitation because actually Sofia doesn’t know 3 of the 4 girls, and still they like Sofia and want to invite her for another play date.

Given how much I value relationships, I worry if my girls are not accepted/liked by their peers. But they’ve proven that I don’t need to. 🙂

Lizzy has been having almost daily playdates in the afternoon rotating among few girls’ house who all live in our building. how convenient.

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The busier I’m at work, the more I want to read at night so I don’t dream about work at night. I’ve shifted our dinner time from 6 to 5:30, so we’d have two hours of reading/playing before bed time. The girls are usually at the background doing something crazy. Sometimes it bothers me the noise, I’d prefer quiet evening with a cup of tea and read. But I know this stage of young-kids life would be shorter than I feel at the moment, so better embrace it, enjoy it, while I still can.

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One thought on “Crunch time thoughts

  1. I like this post. 🙂 The question about if you’re a good mother is a no-brainer!!! You seem like an incredible mother. You also do seem like a machine!!! Hahaha in a good way! I think it’s impressive the many many things you do, and you seem to do them all well and with pretty low stress levels! Amazing!!!! Good luck on your new project- I have no doubt you will do amazing with that too. 🙂 Your list sounds great. I’m happy that your girls are finally starting to be able to have more social interactions again. Must feel wonderful to have some of that “normalcy” coming back. Where are your upcoming trips to? I can’t remember if you specifically said yet.


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