(Almost) last day of work

Wednesday was meant to be last day for work in 2020, and I even planned it for half day because I haven’t bought the Secret Santa gifts for the girls. I started the morning with a wonderful run with Sofia. Then I took a pic of the card where the girls wrote and draw their wish lists hoping Santa will bring them all. I really don’t like to buy another baby stroller with baby doll… but I know Lizzy loves to play mommy. For both of them, mommy is their role model, someone who is in charge of everything. hahhaa…..

Back to my plan. I wanted to go to the mall to buy few things for them to avoid weekend crowd. But then work got to me. I had to text husband to postpone the trip: sorry, can’t go to the mall. Many bosses want this project, and big bosses want me to do it, so I can’t screw it up!

Indulge me to rant: what I don’t like about office culture is the constant competition. Competition among your peers, competition with other teams, competition everywhere. I know competition is great because it forces to bring the best of the people, but sometimes people compete for the sake of winning, not because they add value. That’s not my style as I prefer to let my work to show my value. But others, usually those that don’t get good project, are determined to fight/compete in every possible way. Anyway….. I think that’s normal in any big organisation.

Fortunately the meeting where I presented my work went very well. I had no clue about the subject 1 week ago so my main goal was for the informed audience not to spit on me. hahahah…. and I think achieved it. The bad part was that the meeting ended at 9pm, 1 hr past my usual wind down window, so I couldn’t sleep until probably 10pm and bad quality… that’s why i’m writing this post at 5am (got up at 4am).

Yet, today is exciting! We will have PCR test done this morning, then I’ll buy the gifts for the girls, hide them somewhere, and probably will start packing. Only two meetings at work so almost non-work day.

El Nido is calling my name 🙂

Super excited to be in the idilic island for 4 days, full board and all activities arranged so i don’t even need to pack my brain 😆

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