VACATION – starting

my almost three weeks break has officially started!!! I checked last time my inbox yesterday, set up out of the office automatic reply, sent myself an email to-do list upon return (because I’m sure i’ll totally forget about them), and closed the computer for good until January 7!!! Horay!!!

On Thursday we went for PCR test, fortunately this time it was super efficient. No line, no waiting, in and out and done. I am glad to report that we are all negative. All clear to travel!

Yesterday I also my allergy test done. It was quite interesting to go through the process. Surprisingly, I’m only allergic to 3 types of grass, house mites, and no food allergy. Oh well…. at least that’s clear.


I still haven’t packed yet… taking everything in slow mode. But I gave the packing list to the girls so they are packed already with the help of our helper. Instead, I went to massage with husband. First time since the pandemic in Manila. We felt super safe. The spa is operating 50% capacity, all staff wear PPEs, deep disinfection done after every customer, and mask and face shield required in public space. It was weird to go to spa with mask but the whole experience was so relaxing.


After the 1 hr session. We bought 100 sessions for the next 1 or 2 years as they are running a promo. This place is just few blocks from home, super soothing, good therapist, so we are glad they are doing another promo upon re-opening. Now, I have to block my Friday evening calendar for a massage every week! 😆

I also managed to finish shopping all the gifts so when we come back from the trip, I just need to quietly put under the tree before the girls wake up. They are super excited for the Christmas even and day.  Even because they’ve asked to sleep in a camping tent with our master bedroom, and day because they get to see what Santa got them, and my birthday.

Saturday plans:

  • Leave to-do and to-buy lists for the helper
  • Play date for Sofia
  • Wrap the gifts
  • Go to bed at 7pm as we need to leave home for the airport very early morning.

One thought on “VACATION – starting

  1. Oh my gosh, I am jealous of your 100 massage package!!! Wow!! I have actually only gotten a massage a handful of times ever. I really don’t like having to go to “appointments” so I feel like it deters me from scheduling them. Haha. But I really should go, because I love actually getting massaged. I’m also jealous of your time off until january 7th! whoa!! I don’t have any extra days scheduled off around the holidays except the 24th/25th and New Years. 😦 But I like to save my vacation days for actual travel, and since we aren’t going anywhere right now, I didn’t plan any off. My job is so flexible too that I generally feel like I can still enjoy lots of time with family etc during the holidays by just being strategic with my work hours. We’ll see though- maybe I’ll end up taking a day or two off! Have a great trip!


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