Social event

I was procrastinating yesterday to pack and wrap the gifts before we depart this morning. I run 11 miles under the rain which felt so good! then I remembered that our office female group is gathering in the morning as a “celebrating” end of the year. I wasn’t planning to join as I had so much to do, and also because I’m not usually good or enjoy large group gatherings. I prefer small group conversations. But I was in good mood after the run and was up for it. So I joined the ladies, conveniently at a cafe 2 blocks from my building.

I haven’t seen them in person most of this year and somehow this social gathering felt weird in some aspects. While we chatted nonstop across work, life, travel, pandemic, I somehow felt exhausted two hours later when I left. First, I’m more introvert than extrovert, so big group gathering deplete my energy. Second, I don’t want to talk about work when I’m not working, in social events. It felt that we needed to fill the space with work topics that we can all relate. Does it mean then we have nothing in common in life? Wouldn’t that make it obvious that we are not friends? Or does it mean work occupy such a big part of their life? Any of these answers won’t be satisfactory to me.

In social gathering when I’m not required to attend (as opposed to work meetings), I don’t want to talk about work, period. Not that I don’t love my work, I do plenty. But those conversations usually is to either complain or to show off. None of the two very inspiring. Instead, I want to talk about our thoughts in life, our children, our lessons/takeaways from the pandemic, what we learned, what we plan to do next. Those conversations would inspire me instead of deplete/bore me.

So I won’t join this kind of large group gathering anymore. I’d rather read or spend time with the girls.

I only started to pack at 2:30pm with Lizzy as my little helper. 2 hrs later I was 95% done. Then I sent Lizzy with husband to pick up Sofia from the playdate, so I could wrap all the present without them at all.

Mission accomplished.

I am a bit worried about our trip because there’s an ongoing Typhoon in the area. I asked the girls what would we do if rains when we get there? to prep them mentally. We decided to pack more books! 😆

Finger crossed it won’t rain ALL the time.

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