4 Days in Paradise

We came back from the paradise, Miniloc island in El nido, just before Christmas Eve. No words would do justice to this place! It’s out of this world kind of paradise. The resort is situated in a bay area surrounded by corals and fishes. All construction was made using natural elements, no concrete buildings, all sit on top of the water. Can’t say good things about it. The moment we arrived, i was glad to make the decision to pay $$$$$ to come, it’s soooooo worth it!!!

In this post, I’ll share highlights and next post I’ll do a chronological recount of our days because I want to remember every minute of it!

Highlight #1 our room. Seaview cottage with two floors. The girls sleep on the top floor. Facing the water, and with saves underneath our cottage. Waves sooth us to sleep every night, guaranteeing 9+ hours of restful sleep.

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#2: very thoughtful chef and soooo much food. We had full board meals, so we visited the restaurant, again facing the water, 3 times a day. They offer filipino menu which is different everyday. The chef made something special for me most of the days. Although I didn’t particularly like the vegan food they prepared, I was grateful for the gesture. He’d come in every meal asking me if it’s okay this or that, or if I wanted to change to something else.


every meal starts with a set of starters, always a salad, soup, bread and an appetiser.

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then the main, usually rice, vegetables, and two mains.

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#3 Kayaking big and small lagoons. the view is breath taking, clear and calm water with all baby sharks and many fishes being our company.


#4 snorkling. We didn’t have to go anywhere to snorkel, the best spot is just at our doorstep. We snorkel plenty and saw many kinds of fishes, corals, star fish (so big) and shelves.


#5 night walks on the bridge. The only walking area in the resort is on the bridge and we walked and looked at the stars (so clear and close) every night after dinner, enjoying the breeze from the ocean.


#6 morning picnic at a small island, just the 4 of us. They packed our breakfast and drop us there for picnic, snorkelling, and play with the sand.



4 days 3 nights was not enough to fully enjoy it. I felt that we didn’t have enough time to just lay there. Everyday we have at least 2 outing scheduled. For all of us, among all the beach trips we’ve been in the Philippines (really the best beaches in the world), el nido took the first spot by far!!! I promised the girls that we will go back before we leave the Philippines. It’s a crime not to take advantage of it while we are so close by.

Did I say it was amazing????????????????

more to come….

One thought on “4 Days in Paradise

  1. Wow!!!!! That looks so beautiful!!! That’s just how I envision SE Asia’s beaches when I hear about them. I love the picture under your #3 in the post. I would LOVE to visit a place like that…. but I have never traveled anywhere in Asia and to be honest, planning travel to that part of the world overwhelms me in a way. It just seems very different, the languages are so different as well, etc. I would DEFINITELY go, and I hope to one day. It just feels like I would need to plan a lot in order to have a successful trip. Maybe if we just started with a visit to a resort type place where we basically just arrive and the staff does the rest! haha. But many of our trips include traveling around to various destinations, etc., and that is the part that sounds overwhelming to figure out to me! I’m sure it’s all in my head anyway- it’s just one of those things that I’ve never done before, so it probably seems harder/ more complicated than it really is. 🙂


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