What we did in Miniloc day by day

The transit to Miniloc was super smooth. The charter flight has a special terminal with only guests that are traveling to Miniloc with us, thus the bubble travel program, everyone go there with us come back with us. After quick check in, finding our family names in their list, we were escorted to a waiting area until boarding. Girls saw helicopter for the first time. An hour flight passed quickly but due to the fog, we circled around for half hour before we could land. Then we were assigned to different waiting area with our name tag on it, served a sandwich as snack. Half hour later we took a van, 20 min ride, and then a boat for 30 min before we arrived the paradise just before 1pm, 4 hrs after our departure time.


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after we checked our cottage, we went to the restaurant for lunch

Duk7V lRA+mR8T2W3SJvwDuring lunch we booked activities for the day and the next. First outing was to visit the Big Lagoon at 2:30pm. We changed and met with our guide and boatman, just for our family.


kayaking there was amazing. Usually many visitors but due to the pandemic, it was only us. We explored a cave too, which was fun to kayak there.


we got back to our room at 4pm. Hubby went to snorkel while girls and I took some rest in the room before dinner at 6pm. We all fell asleep before 9pm.

I was super grateful for the typhoon Vicky to have left by the time we arrived. I couldn’t imagine spending our entire trip in the room due to storm. So lucky!!! We still had episodes of rains but they didn’t bother us as we were kayaking in the water anyway, and they stopped after few minutes.

One big mood buster for me what I realised that I forgot to bring my glasses. Due to my dry eye condition, I can’t wear contact lenses for too long, so that means either I am semi-blind or I can’t enjoy the view. I was angry with myself most of the day but nothing I could do about.

Day 2: after 9 hrs or sleep I woke up fresh and positive. I was determined not to let the no-glass situation to ruin my trip. So I planned to wear only contact lenses when we are out, and no glasses while we are resting. I couldn’t read so I started an audio book instead.

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After breakfast, husband and Sofia went snorkling


while Lizzy and I took pictures and enjoyed the view


look what Sofia got, a fresh star fish. After taking the picture, we put it back.


then I did some kayaking with the girls near the resort.


after lunch we went out for island hopping. We first went to a cave but encountered a dog that was “defending it” so our guide turned to another cave but we could only see it from the boat. Then we went to the snake island. It’s a sandbar in the middle of the ocean, knee high. Sofia and husband explored for a while

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then the heavy rain came so we hurried back to the resort.

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just before dinner, we walked on the bridge enjoying the sound of ocean


dinner was again fabulous, sending us to bed early with full belly


Day 3 started early at 7am. We first visited small lagoon, then were dropped off by a nearby beach for our picnic breakfast. After eating, husband went snorkling


and the girls played with sand


we got back to the resort around 10:30am. Sofia and I enjoyed the lounge seats by the pool. she read and I listened to my audiobook


after lunch we went out to island hopping again. First it was a white beach with powdery sand and big waves


then we were taken to the secret lagoon. it was quite hidden and difficult to reach, so I went with Sofia while Tony took care of Lizzy. We had to go through a walk with some heavy waves and rocks beneath before entering the secret lagoon through a hole timing the waves. but once inside, the water is so calm, it’s like a big swimming pool.

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then Tony went in quickly before we left the island

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Day 4 (departure day) we took a morning walk before breakfast by the bridge


girls played at the beach


Lizzy found a new friend while playing. She really liked him as she asked me to talk to his mom to visit their house in Manila. hahahah.


husband had to work so I took the girls alone to visit Big Lagoon once more before we leave. We left the resort at 9:30am


kayak for an hour and enjoy the amazing view. The water is crystal clear


we got back to the resort at 11am, I packed while girls played at the beach. we had lunch at 12 and left the resort at 1pm to the airport. Lizzy took a nap on the way.


that concluded our 4D3N trip at the paradise.

I wish we had two more days to do nothing… well… a reason to go back. 😆

One thought on “What we did in Miniloc day by day

  1. I am SO HAPPY for you. That just looks truly incredible!!! I’m so so glad you guys had a wonderful time. Makes me long to go on an exotic vacation!!!! I would love to visit that place. Adding it to my Someday/Maybe list, haha!! 🙂


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