Travel: punta del fuego

We are back from another 4D3N trip to a nearby beach. I am happily surprised to find it. It’s unbelievable to have a such a quiet and beautiful place 3 hrs driving distance from Manila. The resort is situated in the tip of a island called point of fire.


The whole place is weekend beach houses of local elites. When we entered the gate, we entered a different world. I couldn’t tell I was still in the PH or in Miami. Although we’ve been living here for over three years, this extreme inequality of life style still surprises me when it hit on my face.


The resort has the colonial style. Each room is called Casitas, it’s spacious and faces the ocean. There is not much to do in the resort other than the amazing infinity pool and the beach is just 3 min away from the hotel, so we went there every day with the girls.


We went there with another family whose kids are 7 and 9 so Sofia was playing with them all the time on the beach, making it the best beach trip ever as she always has more fun with a friend.

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First impression was not great, which is the usual case for almost every trip/place to go. The room could be fancier, the hotel could have more activities, etc. But then it grew on me and us few hours later. I got to appreciate the lack of planned activities because it meant that I could just relax and be idle, a new form of vacation that I got to appreciate and enjoy in 2020.

Our days were SLOW. We all sleep extremely well, 9+ hrs per day, and then we linger in bed for an hour before we get up. After lazily getting ready for the day, husband takes the girls to breakfast while I go out for a run. The place is perfect for running as it’s quite hilly and the view is spectacular and so quiet. After my run, I’d do some yoga and then meditation, followed by shower, journal, and finally eat oatmeal that I bought with me. Food offered by the hotel is filipino and none of the breakfast options sound appetising to me, so I had instant oatmeal with toppings that I brought from home and I was so happy about it. Then around 11am, I’ll meet the family at the beach. Once on the beach, I do nothing!


hahaha… not even read. I simply look at the girls playing, commenting their sand castles, reapplying sunscreens to them and remind them to drink water. The beach turned out better than I expected, and plenty of fish to see just few meters away. Occasionally I’d chat with the other family, but mostly I was on my own or with husband enjoying the sun, sand, and kids laugh. Husband also enjoyed golfing there, a 9 hole greens that oversees the ocean. He played twice and wishes I could play with him. Maybe next time! 🙂

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Lizzy didn’t join the big kids play, so she mostly sits near me and play by herself… loving her company 

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Around 3pm, we’d go back to the hotel and continue the fun in the infinity pool for a while before resting some in the hotel, shower and changed to meet the other family for dinner.

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Food options were okay, but I had the same dish every night, curry vegetable with rice, which was off menu and the only thing they know to make that is vegetarian. I didn’t mind as it was quite tasty and abundant colourful vegetable. The family enjoyed pizza, pasta, burger, chicken finger, and said they were tasty. Lights are out before 8:30pm.

Before we left the place, girls had halo halo, filipino dessert. What a great way to end this trip.


Given how close it is and overall good experience for all of us, this will be our backdoor paradise if we need to recharge.

4 thoughts on “Travel: punta del fuego

  1. Hi! I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of weeks and really enjoying it. I’m originally from Manila, but have not lived there for 13 years so I am really enjoying your posts on the beaches there. I grew up with these beaches so when I moved to Europe I was quite disappointed with even the famous ones like St. Tropez, hahaha. I also have 2 kids and always looking for new books to read, so thanks for blogging about those!


  2. There are so many nice places but not a lot have great facilities, and I haven’t lived there for awhile so not up to date. But from what I’ve done before – Panglao Island in Bohol is really nice too. The last time we were in the Phils we went to Anvaya Cove which is only a few hours north of Manila, and very child-friendly. We rented an Airbnb to get into the resort. Otherwise, I have a university friend who runs travel agency which looks great. I will try to use the when I am there next year. He has a lot of good reviews on Tripadvisor.


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