January started with LAZINESS

The first two days of 2021 were spent with laziness at home. The theme of the month is TIME. My goal is to be more mindful of my time, how I spend it, who do I spend it with, and time to reflect.

I plan to do a time tracking exercise for two weeks in January, one week while I am on vacation, one week when I resume to work. While I know how I spend my days generally, I’d like to take an objective view of it doing the exercise. Throughout the process, I might learn something more and find ways to improve.

The first two days of 2021: slow morning routine (solo time, meditation, yoga/pilates, run, walk with the girls, stretch, and shower) which usually ends past 9am. Then I’d tackle my to-do list for the day (blog post, journal setting for 2021, book organisation, december finance, photo organisation, etc.), then lunch, followed by VERY LAZY rest of the day, meaning reading while Sofia does lego. After finishing up the last one, she wanted to start an even bigger project with over 600 steps, a chinese traditional house for the chinese new year. She’s so into it!


I was chatting with a friend and she is jealous of my 3 weeks vacation. She said it would make me more productive once I go back to office, or I might even wanting to go back. I said: not really, i’m really enjoying this slow mode living. hahahaha…… It made me reflect, how flexible our mind it is, and how adaptable we are to our circumstances. When I’m working, I’m super hype up and excited. When I’m on vacation, I’m super lazy. I think both parts are necessary for our mental and physical wellbeing, cycles of work and rest.

Today we will go to a beach resort near by, 3 hrs by car. I’m actually okay staying at home for the last week of vacation but the girls are excited to go to another trip! My plan is to transport myself from my couch to a lounge chair and continue my reading while husband is excited to play golf there, and the girls are ready to be surprised what the resort offers them. We are going with the family that we spent the Christmas eve together, hope it will be a good one. 🙂

The final count of last year book was 62! 2019 I read 25! That was a big jump! My top 3 books are:

The gift of an ordinary day


Solve for happy

And 2 special mentions go to


Deep Work

These books are outstanding, changed something in me forever!

What were your top books in 2020?

2 thoughts on “January started with LAZINESS

  1. The laziness sounds wonderful. I wish I had taken some days off of work over the holidays. I felt too rush trying to work and still have time for fun stuff. I’m not super thrilled with how the past week went- didn’t really feel relaxing. In part because we were making last minute/spontaneous plans for this secret Disney trip, which took up time and mental energy! But I’m happy now to have the next week off completely and just focus on FUN. 🙂 enjoy your beach trip!!!!


  2. That picture of the girls with the book stack is amazing! I love using the library, but it means I can’t see all my books read in a year like this!


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