Slowly starting “normal” routines

Upon return from vacation and the prospect of starting or going back to normal routines made me a bit anxious. I’m grateful for the three weeks break we had, which flied by. But I feel that I could continue this life style for a while, like 3 hrs long morning routines done slowly and starting my day at 10 or 11am to think what to do.
But life goes on, can’t be on vacation mode forever, right?
On my first official back to work day, virtually as I didn’t go to office, I made it a very gradual transition. The only thing I did that I could call it work was to go through my inbox that was closed for 3 weeks. It was my first time not checking work emails during vacation I think, and it was quite liberating!!! Why did I wait for so long? While I was in Punta del Fuego, my colleague was checking work emails on the beach and commenting on them. I wanted to tell her, enjoy this instead of work, but I didn’t. It’s personal decision and I’m nobody to tell others how to run their lives. Anyway, back to my inbox. Fortunately most of the people were on break for 2 weeks too so I had only few hundreds of irrelevant emails to go through, and less 10 emails that required my action.
We started the morning with a golf class with Sofia and I practiced by her side. I didn’t sleep well so was glad to get out of the house to do some activity. After some sweat, I felt much better. Side note, why my sleep pattern always changes dramatically from vacation home vs. my own? The bed was not even that comfortable!!! I think it must be the sea water that soothes me to bed.
The rest of the day was half work, half sorting out things at home and preparing for the week ahead (work and school starts for real). I did groceries, prepped breakfast, made simple meals, and sorted it out my bookshelf, putting back 2020 reads. I even managed to read 2 hrs at night and finished 28 summers.
Overall quite a productive day šŸ™‚

oh… I’m doing the time tracking this week, quite eye opening. I’ll recap when I finish two weeks tracking exercise, one during vacation one during normal work week.

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