Proud moment and perfect evening

I had a half day at work, and the highlight was seeing one of my mentees to shine. I was one of the panelists in his interview for a promotion. While it was certain that he’d get the promotion, he still prepared well, and it was obvious he killed it. I was so proud of him as I really value him as colleague and person, and shared with him my philosophy at work and life. He made me smile 🙂

I also had a great massage in the afternoon, deeply relaxed after the hour. Usually all therapist are good but when I get a super good one, it makes me happy.

After dinner, all of us were together in the bedroom. Husband was working in his homemade standing desk

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Lizzy was doing workbook. First time since last summer. I’ve decided to get her back to it to form the habit of doing homework. I don’t care if they’re perfect or not, what I hope to get is her getting used to do homework, sit down and focus. We aim for 30 min a day followed by me reading her for 15 min. The first day went very well. She was engaged, proud of her progress, and funny. When she finished, she went to bed to relax after hard work. So cute!

I wish husband could share the “burden” to encourage the girls to do things (piano, golf, exercise, workbook, etc.) and do with them, but he’s not consistent and reliable, so at the end I’m taking all these roles.  Most of the days, I am fine with it, but I know there will be days when I’m tired or stress, I’d complain. Hopefully I can remember why I am doing them, I do them for my girls as I’m fortunately their favorite person in the world to be with, the person they respect, admire, want to imitate, and fear the most. This special role makes me the right person to introduce them to learning.


Sofia was doing mandarin homework on the floor, and I finished The Gifts of Imperfection

I love this evening family time of being together while we each did our things. Harmony and love in action.

One thought on “Proud moment and perfect evening

  1. I hear you on having to be the one to encourage those activities. My husband will remind the boys to practice piano, but only because it’s an established habit now here and he remembers. For most other things, like workbook, reminding them to read if they haven’t, etc.. it’s always me, too!! That sounds so nice just all being together and doing your own things. 🙂


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