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I am slowing enjoying my daily hours at the office, usually 8am to 3-4pm. I get a lot done during that time including free time to think/read/reflect on work topics. It frees me from thinking about them when I get home.

I am obsessed with Tim Ferriss show! Like obsessed! I’ve been long time subscriber to his podcast but couldn’t get into it as they are long episodes (1.5 to 2 hrs). But recently, I got to appreciate these in depth episodes as I get to learn the incredible life work and systems that make the guests successful (not always the conventional way though). Then I got intrigued about who’s Tim Ferriss and what makes him him. I listened to an episodes of him in another podcast as guest. His life is incredible and now I get why he is so thoughtful, deliberate and efficient. I share his passion, seeking ways to be efficient and effective through improving the process. Exactly what I like to do. 🙂

I’m LOVING my oura ring. It’s so interesting to learn about my body and be more in tune with it. I’m a data driven person at work, always need evidence to draw conclusions and policy advise. I am surprised that I didn’t apply the same method to myself. I’m so glad to finally find OURA ring. It is still learning my baselines (RHR, temperature, etc.) but it’s already giving me good tips, and I am learning what affects my sleep, energy level, and how those stats changes over the hormonal cycle. So interesting!!!

Planning trips. I know we are still in the pandemic, which might get even worse. But after 3 trips, I feel comfortable to travel within the country with all the precautious. So I’m getting back to the planning trips mode, and I just booked another island trip in end March when we have one week school break. We are going to Coron, also in palawan!!! I am so excited. now I have the energy to work hard until then. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Recent favorites

  1. Hmm I’ll have to check out that podcast. Is he the guy who wrote 10% Happier? I read that a long time ago and remember feeling a little unsure about if i liked it or not. But the type of guests it sounds like he has on his show sound fascinating!


    1. no, the 10% happier is a different one. This one is about life systems to make it more meaningful, efficient and effective, through interviewing experts in different fields.


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