Frustrated run that turned to a parenting lesson

Saturday morning started with my solo run following by 30 min jog with Sofia. But she was not actually running and we finished the “run” in bad terms. As we were running in a short path, I let her follow her pace while I jogged my pace. But every time that I saw her, she was almost walking. I got frustrated and expressed my frustration to her in a not-kind manner, which triggered her to be even more frustrated. Once home and showered, I reflected what bothered me about her walking instead of running, and why she did so. I figured I was frustrated because I really want her to enjoy running as much as I do and have it as a toolkit to relax, de-stress, in her pocket for long term. I know it takes a long time for someone to actually appreciate running, so my conclusion was it was ultimately my fault. I haven’t made it a pleasant experience long enough for her to appreciate it by herself. What she enjoyed the most when we started jogging together was the shared experience, doing something together alone, when we jog together side by side. So I have to get back to jog with her at slow pace again, until she eventually can enjoy jogging alone.

Lizzy had an assignment this weekend, find 10 holes! So we spent the day looking for holes and taking pictures. I also took her for a walk alone when Sofia had mandarin lessons. I always feel closer to her when we have those one-to-one moments, need to make it a weekend thing for us. 🙂


I made a new dish for the family for lunch: carbonara pasta. Husband and Sofia liked it, Lizzy not so much. I think it’s too rich.

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We finished our day with Sofia’s golf lesson. She’s getting better and better, me on the other side, stubborn with correcting my posture. 😦

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Girls enjoyed few episodes of Modern Family while I started a new book, Eat a Peach, so entertaining 🙂

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