Friday 5!

I had a fantastic friday to end the week. Highlights:

  1. Golf class went great! The break through I had on Wednesday practice was not temporary! I’m beyond excitement! Things I notice: before each hit, I need to pause, think about two movements (left shoulder to lead the back swing and right hip to lead the down swing), and other moves follow (head down, straight left arm, turn). If my mind starts wander then I’d not do well. My teacher is very happy about my progress.
  2. I had 4 back to back meetings that I had to talk. Yet, the talk were fun and casual, very Friday-mood. Love seeing people’s faces when meeting via zoom. It makes all the difference. I think we should make it mandatory to turn on the camera and wonder what the person is doing if the camera is off.
  3. I learned a lot about renewable energy and power mix. Part of what I love about my job is the chance to learn new topics. I am an eager learner and find many things interesting. How lucky is to get paid for learning?
  4. I was inspired by my manager who resolved a conflict we are having. He made me realise what makes one stand out is not to be given official credit, unofficial credit and recognition is even more valuable. Such a refreshing thought in an environment with so much competition to get credit.
  5. We are having an outdoor picnic with the girl this Sunday with friends. The girls are super excited and started packing already!

Weekend plans:

  • Acupuncture
  • Take out something new?
  • Picnic

One thought on “Friday 5!

  1. Congrats on your golf improvement and also your work talks! Fortunately, in my job there isn’t a lot of that “trying to credit” thing- it’s just not the nature of my job. I don’t think I would really like having to deal with that, personally- but I know it’s the reality for many professions.


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